Grounds Design and Development

We plan, design and build inspiring, naturalistic landscapes for play and learning.

What was the problem?

The school has very limited space to accommodate all the activities the head teacher would like to introduce to the school.

A funding for an All Weather Pitch (AWP) obtained after the design proposal submitted so we had to alter the design to adapt the new facility. Some abandoned concrete structures (WW2 bomb shelter) are buried in the grounds.

What solution did you provide?

We worked very closely with the head teacher and the sports facility contractor to achieve the best result for the design. One of the keys to make this project successful is the long discussion of the style, size and orientation of the AWP among different contractors on the project.

Several site visits and meetings were organised for ensuring that each space is cleverly used and brings in the most playful, educational and ecological value. The existing concrete structures are recycled and used inspiringly.

What was the outcome?

The school grounds have totally been transformed. Despite the very limited space, the school is able to accommodate a standard size of AWP which is seamlessly connected to a wonderful natural style play area. A grass field is at the centre and an undulating adventure trail at the outskirts of the entire play area.

Not only focusing on play and sport, the design also provides a horticultural area, a small forest area and a very unusual but popular chicken run so pupils have lots of choices for their outdoor activities even though the school grounds are not.

The transforming of the existing concrete structures into a shelter with green roof and a contemporary seating is such an inspiring way to show how the unwanted materials can be polished and used in a totally unexpected way.

Client: Littletown Junior, Infant and Nursery School

Budget: £15000 to £20000