Grounds Design and Development

This is an example showing how we deliver our design vision over a series of project phases.

What was the problem?

We often come cross a problem that the budget is just a little bit short for accomplishing a really desired scheme and normally neither the clients nor us would like to lose any part of the original design. So how to separate the project into different phases and at the same time still have the best out of the grounds is not an easy challenge.

What solution did you provide?

At the beginning of working with Battyeford CE (C) Primary School, we provide a masterplan for the whole school grounds which explains a long term development vision and sets a development guideline for Font garden, KS1 area, KS2 area, Habitat garden and so on.

What was the outcome?

As a more detailed sketch plan produced and the big lottery funding in place, the Front garden and KS1 play area were completed for the first stage of the construction phase and one year later, KS2 area stroke another construction phase.

Meanwhile, we also stared the maintenance contract so the old and new areas were managed and maintained with a fully understanding of the design aspects and the grounds’ characters. By doing this, the designed area will always be kept in the light of its original concepts but also will leave a room for a dynamic changing.

Despite there are several areas still waiting for their transformation but we know that the basic structure is set out by the masterplan and the new area have definitely lifted the grounds’ spirits. There is no easy or quick solution for a project like this but as long as we keep the project in the right direct and working on it with its own peace, the end product will never be disappointing.

Client: Battyeford CE (C) Primary School

Budget: £15000 to £20000